Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Cannabis is the Precursor

Dear colleagues, friends
Comrade Pavel Rychetský, DRSc.: Sure! Cannabis is the Precursor!”

Comrade Pavel Rychetsky, RSDr. and his team of chemists’ Czech justice discovered that cannabis is the Precursor.   We believe that this is a key discovery of the 21st century. We will be happy if you support this proposal.

The oposite study can be found HERE A oposite study from Dušan Dvořak teams "Cannabis is The Cure", "Cannabis  clinic" and "Cannabis Church" are going to be translated from Czech language only to Sanskrit, to Romany language and Yiddish.

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Capo di Tutti Capi CannabisTherapy

The studies are conducted under the brands: No. II. ÚS 664/12, IV. ÚS 4859/12, II. ÚS 1311/13, II. ÚS 289/14, I. ÚS 2431/15, II. ÚS 3196/15, III. ÚS 396/16. Special studies as a precursor growshop: No. III. US 34/13. The study can be found at Pavel Rychetský studies and his team have repeatedly confirmed the European Commission (No. CHAP (2012) 00282 and CHAP (2014) 03930) and especially the European Court of Human Rights (No. 66981/12, 1332/13, 79490/13, 20049/14, 47921/2014, 41264/14 (Growshop) and 57969/2015. The study can be found at



Medical Cannabis Declaration


“Cannabis  has been a medicine for a lot longer than it hasn't been. Now that the evidence is mounting to support its effectiveness in a number of clinical conditions, the information must be disseminated. Support the Medical Cannabis Declaration and help spread the word. Knowledge=Power!”

Dr. Donald I. Abrams, Rofessor, University of California in San Francisco, USA

“The Medical Cannabis Declaration (MCD) is on the front line of medical Cannabis information and patient rights. It has been over a decade since Cannabis is recognized as medicine by the highest scientific authority on Earth. With the support of the International Association for Cannabinoids as Medicine (IACM), the MCD is able to gather to most advanced and reliable scientific information to doctors and patients, in order to help them understand the potential and the use of Cannabis as a Medicine. That is why, as a patient and Cannabis researcher, I fully support the MCD 's excellent initiative, and I encourage you to do the same in showing your support by making a donation. Together we can make medical Cannabis a reality throughout the world.“

Sébastien Béguerie, MA, UFCM (Union Francophone pour les Cannabinoïdes en Médecine), , France

“I support The Medical Cannabis Declaration, because our current drug-laws around the world are in direct conflict with one of our most basic rights. The right to access equal safe medical treatment and medicine, such as cannabis.”

Svein Berg, Cannabis Patient, Norway

“As head of the Swiss Taskforce for Cannabinoids in Medicine (STCM) I expressly encourage everybody to sponsor MCD. Promoting and facilitating the access of medical cannabis and cannabinoids to patients worldwide is essential and requires adequate financial support.”

Dr. Rudolf Brenneisen, Professor, University of Bern, Switzerland

"Access to Cannabis and its derivative as medicine is definitely a Human Right as stated in the declaration, this could literally help millions of people suffering worldwide. Donate is important because it will help us to spread the truth on medical potentials and benefits of Cannabis explaining to most how it works!"

Laurent A. J. Campos, Cannabis Patient, Brazil

“For so long cannabis has been prohibited. A long battle managed by some strong-minded idealists draws to a close with a great success. That's because I encourage MCD. Let's support together our efforts for a better health!”

Dr. Jean Colombera, General Practitioner, Luxembourg

“It's important that patients around the world have help in overcoming the unwarranted legal and bureaucratic obstacles to obtaining cannabis as medicine.  I can think of no one more qualified than MCD in undertaking this task.”

Dr. Dale Gieringer, NORML California, USA

“The great power of words and the spreading of information could help so much the Medical Cannabis Declaration and the crowdfunding initiative, but to give more opportunity to the great work of many people and scientists involved in medicinal Cannabis and its rising in all over the world some financial support is need and so please add your financial help to the MCD efforts. “

Dr. Gianpaolo Grassi, SIRCA (Società Italiana Ricerca Cannabis), Italy

“Many of those who staunchly defend the prohibition against marijuana believe we do not yet know enough about it to be able to make the kinds of decisions that are now necessary. Despite the US government's three-quarter-century-long prohibition of marijuana and its confinement to schedule 1 of the Drug Control and Abuse Act of 1970, it is nonetheless one of the most studied therapeutically active substances in history; to date there are more than 23,000 published studies or reviews in the scientific literature referencing the cannabis plant and its cannabinoids, more than half of which were published within the past five years. By contrast, hydrocodone, a pharmaceutical opioid which is responsible for a large and growing number of overdose deaths from illicit use, yields just more than 600 references in the entire compilation of the available scientific research. It is high-time that we as a civilized society reconsider our views of this remarkable substance.”

Dr Lester Grinspoon, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School, USA

“Many people around the world suffer unnecessarily because they don't have access to medical cannabis. Support the MCD crowdfunding campaign to change this unfair situation!”

Dr.. Manuel Guzman, Professor, Computense Univiversity Madrid, Spain

“As a physician in the USA approving the use of cannabis for many medical conditions for nearly 20 years I believe the MCD is of great pivotal importance in making this exceptionally safe and effective medicine available around the world. “

Dr Jeffrey Hergenrather, USA

"The endogenous cannabinoid system is a unique signaling system with a central and protagonist role in the coordination of virtually any organic aspect underling homeostasis maintenance. Therefore, I believe it is an ethical obligation for health professionals and scientists to support both the research and the effective application of the many therapeutic properties of Cannabis and its derivatives. For this reason, I strongly support the Medical Cannabis Declaration and ask everybody to donate and collaborate to this endeavor."

Dr Renato Malcher, University Brasilia, Brazil

"Patients Out of Time receives countless emails from desperate patients or their family members from all over the world seeking access to medical cannabis. History and science support the therapeutic value of this natural herbal medicine.  Please give what you can to help support the Medical Cannabis Declaration so that all of our voices can help end the cannabis prohibition on a global level."

Mary Lynn Mathre, President of Patients Out of Time, USA

“I strongly support the Medical Cannabis Declaration. We know now that cannabinoids have a wide spectrum of therapeutic effects which can help a huge number of patients.  We should try to make the published knowledge widely available so that patients as well as regulatory bodies be aware of the therapeutic possibilities. In Israel there are now about 25,000 patients who get medical cannabis officially. This was made possible because physicians learned about the medical properties of medical cannabis (of various, well defined varieties). We should make every effort to bring this medical information to patients and physicians in many countries. Please donate to make this possible. “

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, Professor, Hebrew University, Israel

“Many patients suffer from severe, disabling, and otherwise treatment resistant diseases. In some of these patients, medical cannabis can ameliorate their symptoms and therefore can help to improve patients' quality of life. Support the Medical Cannabis Declaration and help to facilitate access of medical cannabis.”

Dr Kirsten Müller-Vahl, Professor, Medical School of Hannover, Germany

“The persecution and prosecution of people who use cannabis for medical purposes has long been the most egregious component of the prohibitionist approach to cannabis policy.  The Medical Cannabis Declaration merits the support of all those who support science over ignorance, and compassion over punishment.”

Dr Ethan Nadelmann, Executive Director, Drug Policy Alliance, USA

”As a doctor I feel that it is my moral and ethical obligation to support the campaign for medicinal cannabis because of the scientific evidence of the therapeutic properties of cannabis and its derivatives. I would like to motivate everybody to donate to this campaign and thus allow all patients, who need it access to therapeutic cannabis.”

Dr Ricardo Navarrete-Varo, Spain

“Denying medical cannabis is one of the worst outrages in the history of medicine. The ban on cannabis was purely a political act and should be reversed immediately.”

Dr David Nutt, Professor, UK

“I firmly believe that The Medical Cannabis Declaration (MCD) charity greatly helps with meeting the important and rapidly growing need to educate clinicians about the established benefits and risks of cannabinoid medicines so that they can provide the best possible care for their patients. This is of course particularly important for patients with disorders for which there is no known non-cannabinoid treatment that is both sufficiently effective and safe.”

Dr Roger Pertwee, Professor, University Aberdeen, UK

“I have been a researcher in the area of medical applications of cannabis for the last 20 years. I have seen the great relief that it can bring to a large number of intractable medical conditions, and that is the reason that I support the Medical Cannabis Declaration and ask that people around the world contribute funds towards its goals.”

Dr med Ethan Russo, Professor, USA

“I support the Declaration on Medicinal Cannabis because as a doctor I can assure that there is no medicinal plant as safe in use and with so many therapeutic applications such as Cannabis Sativa . Do not allow both humanity and other members of the animal kingdom can benefit from this scientific reality must be considered an attack on the overall health of all living beings that inhabit the planet Earth.”

Dr Javier Pedraza Valiente, Portugal